Most frequently, these are custom variations on one of the more popular western models. Production quality is equal to the finest professional instruments. The material is thoroughly selected with the order, and all wishes of customer regarding the form, the parameters, the color and the assembly are precisely carried out.

For us, the most interesting are "full-custom" guitars - those developed from an original design of the customer. There are no limitations: we make any kind of guitar, bass, or "Stick", using bolt-neck, set-neck or neck-through-body construction, with headstock or without it, from any scale length, utilizing all-wood or composite materials, left handed, scaled down for children from 6 years, with two fingerboards, on-board MIDI, active electronics, L.E.D. fret-markers - ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!

Ordering A Guitar

If you are interested, then you can obtain consultation and price estimates, by calling +7 (095) 507-49-43 or by sending a message from here, along with the description of your desired guitar. The final formulation of order normally occurs in the workshop. Here you will be able to look at samples of production, to select materials and to consult with the master. But if you cannot come to the Moscow workshop, then consultation may be made via e-mail, until all details are finalized. Work on your instrument begins after 50% deposit is made.

Build time usually takes from 12 to 14 weeks. In the course of this period, the customer can freely come to his master and oversee the process in person. For overseas customers, we take frequent 'work-in-progress' photos, and email them directly with progress reports. Also, progress of every guitar can be followed ONLINE in our Gallery Forum.

International customers may obtain delivery of their instrument by insured air freight. Depending on which country the instrument is being shipped to, the delivery time varies from 3 to 10 days. Shipping estimate is included in your price quote, so you know all expenses up-front.

Ordering information for international customers

Customers located in other Russian cities can enumerate specifications to our calculation in Sberbank. Usually the delivery of guitar within Russia costs $15-60 depending on distance.

Also, we can supply any cables, cases, or other accessories you may need for your guitar.

Our prices

Cost of finished guitar = labour + materials + completing (hardware, pickups, wiring, etc).
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We offer a lifetime guarantee to the reliability of our woodwork. Simply stated, we guarantee that the neck will not twist, and that all glue-joints in the neck and body will remain intact.

Pickups and hardware of American, German and Japanese production, as well as any custom-made accessories and pickups, are guaranteed for 5 years.

To everything else - 1 year. (The conditions of guarantee can be reviewed, in the case of servicing the guitar by unqualified persons, or if the instrument is abused by careless use!)

More than simply the guitar

In our workshop we can provide incredible custom artwork and graphics on your guitar, and we can personalize it with any inscription you would like on the headstock or body (except of course, the registered trade marks of Fender, Gibson, etc!), along with marquetry of any complexity, and inlays of natural mother-of-pearl or other materials. Cost estimates are provided on a case-by-case basis.


ShamrayBass.com: THE BASS CUSTOM SHOP.
Our mission is to produce only the finest hand-crafted 'full-custom' Bass Guitars in the world. Our creations are not limited to any particular size, style, shape, or color - because we only exist to make YOUR DREAM BASS.
We offer the knowledge and experience to build you THE BASS that gets the sounds that YOU WANT.
Every ShamrayBass is individually blueprinted, and meticulously crafted by hand from the finest materials.

You can have ANYTHING you want: We offer the world's finest original hand-crafted pickups, active electronics, and even custom hardware - made right here in our shop.
Or we can build your bass with any components you request, you can supply your own favorites if you wish! Click HERE to see more.



In connection with the fusion of Old and New, Vintage and Modern, and taking into account the requests of numerous musicians, there appeared an idea of creating a limited edition of unique hand-made instruments which could satisfy these requirements.
These are the tools executed by hands of the best masters, representing improved versions of known "vintage" and "deluxe" models. Having combined two Generations of guitars (the 60s&70s with the 90s), we have achieved the "golden mean" in balancing the appearance of the guitar with its sound. It's common knowledge that the guitars of the 60and 70s achieved a classical and refined appearance, and in the 90s - the variety of the sound variations achievable with the help of new technologies now satisfy the demands of almost every musician. Updating and improvement is carried out in both electronics and constructive elements, so that the CREATION SERIES not only maintain the "classical" sounds of their inspired predecessors, but also considerably expand their sonic opportunities.
The wood from which these guitars are made passes careful selection and aging (from 5 to 25 years). Each instrument of the "Creation series" has a personal Serial number and comes complete with a hardshell case bearing the trade mark of the series.