Alexander Shamray's Musical Workshop opened in 1998. 

The company specializes in building custom hand-made electric guitars, as well as the repair, restoration and modernization of musical instruments. The workshop is now the largest and best known manufacturer of electric guitars in Russia. The majority of orders are taken directly in workshop, although guitars are also available from dealers in different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Moldova, & Yugoslavia. Furthermore, our guitars have already been exported directly to customers in Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA (NJ, TX, WA, MD,VA, CA, FL, OK), Austria, Norway, Holland, France, Israel, Switzerland,  and Hong Kong. 

How does a Shamray Custom Shop instrument differ from regular assembly-line produced musical instruments?

First and foremost: you receive what is necessary for you - the  materials, the sizes, the design, the colors and sound of the guitar.

Second: Our connections with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer you a wide choice of hardware (Schaller, Gotoh, Sperzel, Partsland) as well as  - right here on the premises - custom manufacturing of any details to order. Hundreds of different pickups are available (EMG, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Kinman) - also, entirely custom-built pickups can be made-to-order!

The Third advantage - a five year guarantee on our products. Special quality control of materials makes it possible for us to offer a  lifetime guarantee for the reliability of the neck and integrity of the woodwork. Besides the after-sales service, the workshop offers upgrade privileges. When ordering a guitar, it is possible to provide in advance for forthcoming changes (installation of Floyd Rose, additional pickups, and so forth). So, it is possible to order a guitar with a minimum quantity of completing, and (as finances permit), to upgrade it at a minimum of expense.

In the workshop, there are stocks of all basic musical tonewoods: hard maple, sycamore, figured maples, mahogany of different types, ash, walnut, cherry, rosewood, ebonies, poplar, linden and alder. The technology of preparation and endurance of material completely satisfies very rigid requirements. For custom shop guitars, the selection of materials typically occurs in the presence of the customer.

Precisely fulfilled technology and presence of all necessary equipment allows to us achieve the highest quality with careful hand-built construction of guitars - one master works on  each custom-made instrument from the beginning up to the end. Workshop is always open  for visiting; therefore customers can observe their instrument in the process of being built.  

Currently, SHAMRAY GUITARS produces two categories of professional quality electric guitars:

1) Custom Shop  - custom-made models for professional musicians (often copies of existing models or their modification, resulting in unique instruments, developed with the participation of customer)

2) Our own original guitars, developed in the workshop (SEAGALL, MUSTANG SMB, V.A., FORTUNE , etc..)

Production of the musical workshop has received a high estimation of musicians. SHAMRAY electric guitars are recommended by teachers of such guitar schools as GUITAR COLLEGE and fate-lyceum.

Shamray Guitars are participants of ADMT (Association of Distributors of Musical Technologies) and Musikmesse Frankfurt-St. Petersburg expositions.

Aleksandr Shamray's Musical Workshop invites all interested people to have us develop and manufacture your new and remarkable instruments. You will discover that here in Russia we produce the highest quality professional instruments for musicians.